It’s that time of the year when you wait for Santa Claus to make his way to your home and everyone is tied up with amazing home décor options. Well, let this year’s home décor be flawless and bright while you keep donning your ideas one by one. There are no prizes for guessing that it is none other than using candles to decorate your home. Be it a fancy Christmas plan on the making or tons of unique décor ideas to lend your home a cosy touch, make candle decoration the centre stage.  Imagine watching the festive fervour from the windows and letting the candles bring a glow to your home.

Are you keen to bring that cosy Christmas touch to your home and add a dash of sophistication as well? Here are 9Christmas décor ideas for you using sculptural candles Australia.

1. Use terrariums for side tables

Terrariums with candles grouped present a fascinating idea of decoration and allow you to experiment with varied textures. It is a safe home décor option, especially if you have kids and want to prevent your house from catching fire. Strengthen the candle arrangement with a solid stone foundation in black or white if you are using coloured candles.

2. Blend of stones and candles

Want to add zeal to your coffee table or the old fireplace candles of varying heights and textures? Add a hint of fantasy with a bed of polished rocks and leave the entire place glowing during the festivities. For Christmas, why don’t you go ahead and get some luxury soy candles in different shapes to make the décor catchy and at best add ribbons to candles for a dash of colours?

3. Traditional candle tray

Have you been thinking of ways to repurpose the shabby home décor with something more meaningful and brightening the Christmas celebrations? Don’t worry! You need not break your budget for adding a touch of elegance to your home décor. Use an old mirror with a brilliant frame and use it as a candle tray. Wondering what’s so unique about it? It’s simple. The mirror will reflect the glow of the delicate candles and create a dramatic touch to the arrangement and the overall décor. A must-have for this year’s bedroom décor, invest in decorative and sculptural candles from Earth of Hera, the place from where you can give your Christmas candle décor ideas a startling start.

4. Pairing white and green colours

Ever tried teaming up white and green for this year’s holiday decor? Get white candles and create an arrangement on a bed of moss on a tray. While it brings nature inside, the blend of green and white creates a soothing and relaxed ambiance. If you do not prefer using live moss, go for fake foliage to create a similar effect.

5. Glittering table arrangement

Have you given thought to the Christmas dining décor and thought of ways to create a wow-effect? Why don’t you create an assortment of candles in different sizes and shapes to complement the family dinner? Try getting candles with sculptural heads, candle lanterns, or votives to add a glow to Christmas decorations. Create a sparkling effect and use mercury glass holders to cluster them in groups.

6. Candles in mason jars

Want a scented Christmas this year? Use mason jars with scented soy candles Australia inserted inside to create a rustic look. Besides, you can focus on sand filler to reflect light but make the design minimalistic. Try to create greenery around to give the ultimate touch.

7. Use sweater holders

Winter symbolizes soft and warm materials. You can style the woollens creatively so, get sweater votive holders to match the essence of Christmas and create high-style space in any portion of your home. Put it on your study table or arrange it on the centre table to create a space that you will never want to leave.

8. Create a winter village scene

Create a winter village scene on the fireplace mantle and use small-sized sculptural candles to light up the streets and inside your home to create a magical look. Christmas is a time to brighten up your home, so add candles and a lot of other elements to create a ditto village scene.

9. Use fall pumpkins with candles

Get the festive pumpkins to light up your home and use red and orange leaves to rev up the effect. Place the pumpkins on a mirrored tray and create an unmatched look by amplifying the light. You don’t need a lot of things to brighten up your Christmas décor with candles. You just need to make a delightful and cosy arrangement and feel that the festivities went well.